Body Care

To Fizz Or Not To Fizz? Is The Question!

Bath products for our skin, feet, and hands are serious business these days.  We are hit by advertisements for bombs or fizzy from all sides.   Buy this and you will get a pretty bobble, pretty colors or just pure therapeutic help for your skin, feet, and hands.  In this blog, we will talk about what a bomb or fizzy will do for you and what you should look for when buying the product for yourself.

These products have allowed the average consumer to bring hydrotherapy into their own home without the high prices of spa treatments.  I will caution that these products should be used as maintenance between regular appointments with your massage therapist.

The bath fizzy or bomb is used in a tub.  This product has many uses from aerating the water, moisturizing the skin, lifting your spirits, therapeutic needs to just being pretty.  The cost of a bomb or fizzy range from $1 – $30 a treatment.  I suggest reading the ingredients in the product and what it has to offer you.  You can also read the reviews on the products before purchasing the product.  Balm & Fizz offers bath fizzy that contain no preservatives or coloring and are of therapeutic value to your body.  They will aerate the water, lift your spirits and address different therapeutic needs depending on the fizz.

The shower fizzy is used in the shower for aromatherapy.   There is no benefit to the skin, feet or hands.  They can, however, depending on the essential oil blend lift your spirits, help with headaches, sinus or breathing issues.  They will not cure these issues but can make your day go a lot better.  Balm & Fizz offers a line of these also to make your shower time more than just a get clean experience.  The cost range from $1 – $15 for a shower fizz.

For a mini bomb or fizz experience when you just don’t own a bathtub, no time to soak in the tub or no desire to soak your whole body get your hands on a fizzy for hands or feet.  These will range in price of $1 – $15 a fizzy,  They offer the ability to aerate the water, moisturize the skin, therapeutic needs, and aromatherapy in a basin of water while watching TV or relaxing over a beverage.  They are a great way to end your day and take the soreness out of your hands or feet before bedtime.

Don’t delay get your own slice of heaven to use in the comfort of your home or get them to give as a gift to an overworked mom, or for a professional that just got a promotion.  These products are made for men and women alike.  The answer is fizz away.