Massage Etiquette

EEK!! Did A Client Just Say That?

Yes, our mom’s would stop and say what the hell child did you just say in that text or email? Manners are often forgotten when a client sends us a message. I will attempt to point out things that annoy me in a massage, are just plain odd, or just inappropriate to send a massage therapist.

I love clients that come from all walks of life from the rich and famous to the hard working class. They all bring interesting factors to my life with their life experiences or work adventures. The most important thing about them is they remember this is a business, I run from my home.

Let’s just dive right into things that should not appear in your text or emails.

1: Pictures of your body parts. I do not need to see your body parts to decide if you can be my client. I see nude bodies every day of the week. I know what they look like. I do not choose clients based on how their body parts look. I do however reject clients that send me pictures of body parts.

2: Asking if I perform sexual acts from point blank asking or using innuendos. Nowhere in my ads does it say I perform or wish to perform any sexual acts. I advertise massage in no shape or form as a sexual act.

3: Wanting to know what I wear in the massage. First off I decide what to wear each morning based on my mood, not what a client wishes for during the massage. I dress for my comfort level and coolness level. I do try to look nice but this again is just because I don’t want to look dumpy. I can assure you I wear clothes of some kind. Usually jeans or short with a tank top.

4: I enjoy getting to know my clients when they visit however, I do not need to know your age, marital status or body build (unless it has to do with the type of massage). As long as you are over 18 years of age I will do your massage.

So with this being said what needs to appear in your text or emails?

1: Your name is very important. I only need your first name but last is also fine if you choose to share it.

2: Date you are looking at to get a massage.

3: Time of day that works best for you.

4: Length of massage you are looking to receive.

I understand that there are lonely people in the world, however, this is our business and more than the basic text or emails does cut into our personal and business time. I don’t mind being friendly but more than a hand full of text or emails is all that is required to book a massage. I do talk with my clients during their massage to learn more about their lives and interests. Before the massage begins we cover problem areas, type of pressure and what you do not like to be massaged.

Next time you book a massage remember: respect the therapist’s boundaries and time by sticking to the important information and not send inappropriate pictures or information. I look forward to meeting you on my table. If you enjoy speaking with me please book a massage to have more time to speak with me.

Massage Etiquette

Should I Cancel Or Keep My Appointment?

Clients often do not know the reasons they should cancel an appointment. I find that clients will at times skip a booked appointment rather than call to cancel or reschedule their appointment. There is are a boat load of reasons and I will try to touch on some of the reasons I feel contribute to this issue.

The five very basic reasons clients miss an appointment are as follows:
1. Their calendar or life kept them from keeping the appointment. For example transportation, family issues, schedule conflicts
2. Massage Therapist has too long of a waiting list and no reminder system in place.
3. Not providing the client with a clear description of how your services will help them.
4. Making the client feel like they do not matter, showing disrespect or just not be present during the massage.
5. Clients are often embarrassed or forgetful about the appointment time or location.

The above reasons are all very good reasons for a client to feel uncomfortable with a massage therapist. In my business, I have a calendar that sends a reminder 24 hours before the appointment with an address and phone number so clients have the opportunity to cancel or remember the address without having to ask for it again. Sorry to say since I work alone, clients often have to wait to see me for several days or until they return to town. If a client has a work conflict, personal issue or just can’t afford the massage, please never feel bad about canceling, I will always be understanding of this. However, if you just don’t show I will not book you again since I usually have to turn down clients for your time slot. During my massages you are the center of my attention. I do not take phone calls and schedule my clients 30 mins apart to ensure I have time to let my clients dress and leave at a leisure pace. I also do not charge my clients for canceled appointments or missed appointments, all I ask is that you let me know.

Reasons to cancel an appointment are just a few and as follows.

1. Cash flow issues. I don’t take checks making it hard for some people to keep a booking when unexpected expenses arise after booking. If this is the case please call and let me know. Life happens to all of us.
2. Family or Work Crisis. These things happen to everyone including me. I do not judge what other consider a crisis situation. You are welcome to call and cancel or rebook.
3. Poison Ivy or Ring Worm. If you have either of these conditions please call me to cancel your appointment until you are well. I can not do your massage until it is gone.
4. Cold or Flu. Please cancel your appointment. I do not want to catch what you have or give it to other clients. Thank you for being considerate in this situation.
5. Anything anyone one can transmit to others. Please cancel your appointment until well. I do massage on people that have low immunity and do not need to get sick. Thank you for understanding.

In conclusion, I am very understanding of a call, text or email stating that you are unable to keep your appointment. I do not charge and put black marks on your name. However, if you choose to book and not show you will not be rebooked to receive an amazing massage. Your muscles will not be happy with you. Hope to see you soon.


My Favorite Brattleboro Restaurants

This weeks blog, I would like to focus on a few of the business in town that I find exceptional. I often get questions from my clients about where to go in town for different things.

I would like to start with why my family and I moved to Brattleboro. After, remarrying and moving from Dallas, Texas to Massachusetts, I discovered that I could not get a reciprocal massage license in Massachusetts but would have to return to school in their state. I was beyond upset and set out to find a state and town to fit my needs for work. We drove through Brattleboro weekly to visit my in-laws in New Hampshire. When we would enter the town I would feel peace settle over me and a feeling of being at home. Much to my happiness level, I discovered I could practice in Vermont with my Texas Massage License. We found our current apartment 5 years ago and have loved living here ever since.

I have chosen my top 5 places to eat here in Brattleboro and I frequent in no certain order.

1. Whetstone Station– Our family loves to visit this restaurant for just a drink or a full fledged meal. The service is amazing and the food is out of this world. They brew some of their own beers which my husband says are amazing. At times you will have to wait due to so many people there but totally worth the wait for fresh amazing food. The place also has an amazing rooftop bar with its own menu of bar food and a very spectacular view of the river. My husband and I celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary at Whetstone Station. When you book your massage appointment make sure to leave time to visit this awesome place that is only 0.03 of a mile from me.

2. Three Stones– This place reminds me of all my travels in Mexico. The food is always hand made that day and very fresh. You have to have reservations since it is a very small location. We have celebrated my daughter’s birthdays in style at Three Stones. The wait is never long and the experience is always a joy to the taste buds. For those of you looking for a new experience make sure you book your reservation for a dining experience after your massage.

3. Amy’s Bakery Art Cafe–  Amy’s has wonderful coffee, baked goods, and sandwiches that are all freshly made on freshly baked bread. They have tables over looking the Connecticut River or Brattleboro Main Street. This is a great place to work outside the office after getting a great massage.

4. Thai Bamboo- Does not have a website. Address: 7 High St, Brattleboro, VT 05301; Hours: Open today · 11:30AM–10PM; Phone: (802) 251-1010 I have eaten at this restaurant for lunch and dinner. The food is delicious. I do not recommend eating here if you are on a time schedule since they can be slow at times due to limited workers. The food makes it totally worth the wait. Go visit this restaurant on first Friday of each month so you can also do the Gallery Walk in Down Town Brattleboro.

5. The Porch Too– They offer fresh made breakfast and lunch during the week that will make your taste buds sing. I love to pick up lunch and take it to sit by the river or on a hike on one of our many wonderful hiking trails. After hiking come get a massage that will relieve your tired muscles.

As you can see we have tons of food and fun to offer in Brattleboro. Book a massage today and get a taste of Brattleboro while you are here.

Body Care

Why Oh Why Do I Want or Need A…

As a massage therapist, I get asked daily if I give prostate massages. The answer is NO I do not! Why? Well because they should only be performed by a doctor that has the correct training to invade your body. In this blog, I will pull together information benefits, reason, issues and problems with prostate massage.

What is a prostate massage?

Medical News Today gives a great description of what it is and what happens during a prostate massage. “A digital rectal exam is used to check the overall size and condition of the prostate gland. During the procedure, a doctor will check for lumps and other changes that may be signs of health issues. A doctor wearing a lubricated glove performs the test by inserting a finger into the patient’s rectum and pressing the sides of the prostate nearby. If the symptoms suggest an infection, the doctor may massage, or rub, the prostate to obtain fluid for later study. The fluid released by the prostate is called expressed prostatic secretion. Doctors will analyze it for signs of inflammation or infection.” After, reading what is involved in a prostate massage I can tell you that massage therapist DO NOT have the training to do any of the above-listed procedures.

Types of prostate massage

Medical News Today goes on to explain the types of prostate massage. “A doctor may use a prostate massage technique to diagnose prostate problems but not to treat them. Some individuals use prostate massage regularly to deal with the symptoms of their prostate problems. This may be done manually, or with a prostate massaging device. Prostate massage can be slightly painful. Some people report an increased burning sensation after drainage, due to the nature of the fluids that are released. External prostate massage may involve exerting pressure on the perineum, the area about halfway between the anus and the scrotum. It can also be done by gently rubbing the belly between the pubic bone and the belly button. There are also devices to assist with external prostate massage.” None of these sound very relaxing to me and shouldn’t be done to a client without a doctor’s guidance.

Risks of prostate massage

Medical News Today lists several risks of getting a prostate massage.
“These include:
Worsening of acute prostatitis and potential blood poisoning, due to a risk of spreading infection
Bleeding around the prostate
Cellulitis, a serious skin infection
Hemorrhoids flare-ups
Spreading of prostate cancer, if present
Damage to the rectal lining.

Individuals with epididymitis, an inflammation of the tube connecting the testicle to the vas deferens, should avoid prostate massage. Due to the potential for damage to the rectal lining, the pressure used on the prostate must be minimal. The area is very sensitive, so any intervention must be carried out with caution and proper hygiene.
Physicians generally recommend that only trained healthcare professionals treat the prostate, and that they do so with great care and gentleness. As a general rule, physicians do not recommend prostate massage.” This being said as a massage therapist doing prostate massage can open you up to harming your client. I feel that this out weights the benefits.

Benefits of prostate massage

“Potential benefits of prostate massage
Supporters claim that prostate massage:
Prevents the buildup of prostatic fluid in the prostate
Improves the effectiveness of antibiotics against prostatitis
Supports healthy prostate functioning
Heightens sexual experience
Reduces the pain and discomfort of an inflamed prostate.
External prostate massage is said to reduce pain, improve erection, and ease urination.

There is little medical evidence to support these claims.”

As stated above there is little medical evidence to support that prostate massage is good for a client. That being said I do not offer prostate massage in any form or fashion. I think it would be wise to avoid going to a person that claims to do prostate massage unless they are a doctor.

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Make Time For Boob Massage! Tried & Proven!

While becoming a massage therapist I was introduced to breast massage. Being an active hater of bras and other confining breast wear I was all in for breast massage. Having spent a great portion of my life with very small breast, I was not happy to have my second daughter change my breast size by several sizes due to breast feeding and weight gain. So, I had done research that stated that not wear bras would build my pectoral muscles and keep them from sagging. My massage therapist did pectoral muscles releases that hurt like hell but made my 38D breast nice and perky. So, ladies, I say suck it up and get your boobs perky. I am happy to say I may have 52-year-old boobs but they do not look it. I rarely wear a bra and love that the sag is no worst than a 20-year-old’s that has my breast size.

Fear is often the reason we do not have the breast massage done. There is nothing sexual about a breast massage. It does hurt and you can get bruises from it if you bruise easy. However, the end results totally make it worth your time to have it done.

Honey Colony breaks down the top 6 benefits of breast massage:

“1. Breast Massage Reduces The Risk Of Breast Cancer: Scientific research shows that massaging your breasts helps fight cancer. In fact, “nipple stimulation encourages blood flow and promotes the production of a useful female hormone, which encourages cells to expel cancer-causing chemicals from breast ducts,”says Professor Tim Murrell, of the Department of Community Medicine, at the University of Adelaide. Regular breast massage can also alert you of changes in your breast tissue so you can take quick measures to heal.
2. Increases Breast Size: When the breast tissue is stimulated by educated massage, the body secretes the hormone prolactin which slightly enlarges the breasts. Many women love this perk.
3. Prevents Sagging: Breast Massage lifts the breasts by tightening and toning the tendons and muscles responsible for breast length. Goodbye gravity, hello breast massage!
4. Helps You Look Younger: Breast Massage stimulates the endocrine system to secrete a powerful cocktail of youthful hormones. Prolactin, oxytocin, and estrogen are three powerhouse anti-aging hormones known to be produced during breast massage. Many women take pharmaceutical hormones to stay young. With skilled breast massage, your own body will be your anti-aging pharmacy!
5. Increases Pleasure: Increased sensitivity is a pleasing result of Taoist Breast Massage. As you become more aware of your own sensations and loving touch, you create new pathways in your brain for sensitivity. Some women even develop the ability to orgasm from this increased connection.
6. Lifts Stress and Depression: The “love hormone”, oxytocin is produced through breast and nipple massage and is scientifically proven to decrease stress and depression. Why wait for love? This is reason enough to massage our breasts!”

Find the right massage therapist that you feel comfortable with and knows what they are doing. Make sure they have the training to do this for you. Then ladies, say hello to perky breast and goodbye to hot and uncomfortable bras.

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So Many Choices, So Little Time! Help!

We are surrounded by so many choices for things to make our body, mind, and spirit feel amazing, it all becomes a bit confusing. In this blog, we will explore different types of professions that help peoples body, mind and spirit and how that relates to massage or differs. The professions we will explore are massage, chiropractor, acupuncture and physical therapist. We all do different things that compliment each other and we should not make people feel that they should not see one of these professionals.


Chiropractors work with the movement of our bones. This is very important that our bones move correctly so that the rest of our body feels great and in line. The definition of a chiropractor, described by Merriam-Webster is “a system of therapy which holds that disease results from a lack of normal nerve function and which employs manipulation and specific adjustment of body structures (such as the spinal column) holds a current license to practice chiropractic in this state.”  It is important to a massage therapist that a clients joints and bones are in correct position. We can assist a chiropractor by relaxing a client’s muscles so the bones and joints will go into alignment with little or no pain and stay in alignment.


Acupuncture is an age old treatment done with needles or cupping to relieve pain. It does not always work if the client is not able to relax and trust the person doing the acupuncture. I have sent clients to try acupuncture when all other methods of pain relief have not worked. I do believe in avoiding prescription medications aka pain killers as some can be very addictive. The Free Dictionary defines acupuncture as “one of the main forms of treatment in traditional Chinese medicine. It involves the use of sharp, thin needles that are inserted in the body at very specific points. This process is believed to adjust and alter the body’s energy flow into healthier patterns, and is used to treat a wide variety of illnesses and health conditions.
The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends acupuncture as an effective treatment for over forty medical problems, including allergies, respiratory conditions, gastrointestinal disorders, gynecological problems, nervous conditions, and disorders of the eyes, nose and throat, and childhood illnesses, among others. Acupuncture has been used in the treatment of alcoholism and substance abuse. It is an effective and low-cost treatment for headaches and chronic pain, associated with problems like back injuries and arthritis. It has also been used to supplement invasive Western treatments like chemotherapy and surgery. Acupuncture is generally most effective when used as prevention or before a health condition becomes acute, but it has been used to help patients suffering from cancer and AIDS. Acupuncture is limited in treating conditions or traumas that require surgery or emergency care (such as for broken bones).”

Physical therapy

Physical therapy is the study of how bones and muscles move together. The Free Dictionary defines a physical therapist as “a rehabilitation professional who promotes optimal health and functional independence through the application of scientific principles to prevent, identify, assess, correct, or alleviate acute or chronic movement dysfunction, physical disability, or pain. A physical therapist is a graduate of a physical therapy program approved by a nationally recognized accrediting body or has achieved the documented equivalent in education, training, or experience; in addition, the therapist must meet any current legal requirements of licensure or registration and be currently competent in the field.”

Each and every field of study has something to offer you if you fit into what they are offering. The massage field is great at supporting and enhancing each area so you have the best experience and out come possible for your body, mind, and spirit. I highly recommend getting a massage before you see the above professionals to make your journey complete. See you soon on a massage table for an experience of a life time.

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Danger! Massage is Addictive! Confessions of Blissful Muscles!

I have two kinds of clients. First timers and repeat clients. I love both groups since the former I can show how great massage can be and the latter I can keep their muscles feeling amazing.

I feel that regular massage is important for the muscles, mind, and spirit. The question that comes to mind is how often and what length of massage should I choose?

Of course, we would all like to have weekly massages but most can not afford this luxury. Massage every day is a bit of an over kill if you are not a professional athlete. Weekly is great if your pocketbook also agrees. With this in mind, I recommend to my clients to have a massage every 4-6 weeks depending on their pocketbook and time.

The length of the massage should be based on what you need from your massage. If you just need to relax and have very few muscle issues, I recommend one hour. Those that have been working in the yard, long hours on the job, driving or flying long distances or just play hard at sports I recommend an hour and a half to two hours to give me time to work out the knots without putting them in too much pain.

To all my clients that have never had a massage, better known as a virgin massage client, I recommend an hour massage for your first time. First-time clients to a new massage therapist should also consider an hour massage to see if they click with the massage therapist. Everyone has different personalities and styles of massage. Not every massage therapist is for every client.

So yes, there is danger in booking massage since it is addictive and will make your body, mind, and spirit feel amazing.

A little teaser for those of you that read my blog. I will be producing a line of bath bombs, candles, scrubs and much more that can be used to make your muscles feel amazing between massages. We are currently in the design and testing phase. They will be for sale on my website and in my salon. Stay tuned for more updates.

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Your Ass Is The Source Of Most Muscle Pain!

Our tush goes by many names such as glutes, ass, butt, bottom and many more names that are either cute just plain annoying to hear. Many massage therapist and clients shy away from glutes massages since most feel like it is a personal area, might get sensual or that area surely is not the cause of the pain in my lower back, hips, legs or sciatic nerve. I am here to tell you that your tight ass not to be confused with a nice ass or cheap ass is the cause of pain in all those areas. A professional glute massage can make you feel 100% better in one or more sessions. Come along with me while we explore the different areas of the glutes and how they can affect the rest of your body.

To start lets address what is in your ass. Wikipedia gives a great brief description:

“The gluteal muscles are a group of three muscles which make up the buttocks: the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius and gluteus minimus. The three muscles originate from the ilium and sacrum and insert on the femur. The functions of the muscles include extension, abduction, external rotation and internal rotation of the hip joint.”

Lower back pain can at times be associated with the gluteus maximus and medius two of your three muscles that make up your glutes. If one or both of these muscles clamp down or get knotted your lower back will begin to hurt. If your lower back is hurting and these two muscles are fine then you may have other muscle or disc issues. The release of these muscles will usually allow the client almost instant pain relief. However, the muscles can be sore for 1-3 days after release. Live Strong gives a more technical explanation of what is happening in your body;  “Because the hip flexors and gluteal muscles are attached to the pelvis, it causes a tilted pelvis and low back pain when the muscles are out of balance. Your hip flexors raise the thigh toward the abdomen. When they are tight, they pull the pelvis forward and cause an excessive arch in the lumbar spine.″

Sciatic Nerve pain is often traced back to our glute muscles clamping down on the sciatic nerve causing shooting burning pain up and down the leg and at times into the lower back. This makes it difficult to stand, walk, sit or lay down. For those of you that have experienced this, can attest that you would do almost anything to remove the pain. Having suffered from sciatic nerve pain for many years, I was very happy to find that a deep glute massage could take this pain away. I will say it hurt like the devil to get the glute to release and took monthly sessions for 10 months. It was worth all the pain, money and time to get the muscles released. Make sure your massage therapist is licensed and has had training in glute massage and muscle release before you allow them to work on your glutes.

The release of your glutes can also improve your circulation to your legs and feet. This happens by releasing the glutes that are clamped down on your blood vessels and allows the blood to flow freely.

Your glutes are used daily for getting up, walking, standing, sitting down and take part in almost all body movements. They deserve to have regular maintenance just like the rest of your muscles. So, next time you book a massage make sure you have your glutes massaged your tush will thank you!

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Valuable Authentic Feet Are Made For Walking Magic!

Our feet are the magic carpet ride we take every day without really truly appreciating them. We occasionally treat them to a pedicure if we have a time we need our feet to look amazing such as sandal weather, the beach or a romantic encounter. Yes, this applies to both sexes. Ladies: painting your toenails is not care! Men and ladies keeping your toe nails clipped nicely is also not the total care our feet beg for.

Feet are the foundation of our body and were most muscle issues start. It can start with bad shoes or just over use of the feet. For those of us born with feet issues, we know how much our body can suffer from foot issues. So shall we look at a few feet facts and how to make our feet happy feet?

Health Communities lays it out nice, explaining how our foot and ankle is built:

“Anatomy of the Foot and Ankle
The human foot combines mechanical complexity and structural strength. The ankle serves as foundation, shock absorber and propulsion engine. The foot can sustain enormous pressure (several tons over the course of a one-mile run) and provides flexibility and resiliency.
The foot and ankle contain:
26 bones (One-quarter of the bones in the human body are in the feet.);
33 joints;
more than 100 muscles, tendons and ligaments (Tendons are fibrous tissues that connect muscles to bones and ligaments are fibrous tissues that connect bones to other bones.); and
a network of blood vessels, nerves, skin, and soft tissue.
These components work together to provide the body with support, balance, and mobility. A structural flaw or malfunction in any one part can result in the development of problems elsewhere in the body (such as back pain). Abnormalities in other parts of the body can lead to problems in the feet.”

They also explain well how your muscles and tendons work inside your foot:

“There are 20 muscles in the foot that give the foot its shape by holding the bones in position and expand and contract to impart movement. The main muscles of the foot are:
the anterior tibial, which enables the foot to move upward;
the posterior tibial, which supports the arch;
the peroneal tibial, which controls movement on the outside of the ankle;
the extensors, which help the ankle raise the toes to initiate the act of stepping forward; and
the flexors, which help stabilize the toes against the ground.
Smaller muscles enable the toes to lift and curl.
There are elastic tissues (tendons) in the foot that connect the muscles to the bones and joints. The largest and strongest tendon of the foot is the Achilles tendon, which extends from the calf muscle to the heel. Its strength and joint function facilitate running, jumping, walking up stairs, and raising the body onto the toes.
Ligaments hold the tendons in place and stabilize the joints. The longest of these, the plantar fascia, forms the arch on the sole of the foot from the heel to the toes. By stretching and contracting, it allows the arch to curve or flatten, providing balance and giving the foot strength to initiate the act of walking. Medial ligaments on the inside and lateral ligaments on outside of the foot provide stability and enable the foot to move up and down.
Skin, blood vessels, and nerves give the foot its shape and durability, provide cell regeneration and essential muscular nourishment, and control its varied movements.”

So what does this mean to our feet if we get them massaged regularly? What are the benefits of massage to the feet? Regular massage promotes better sleep, increase circulation, relaxation, fights depression, helps with pain, promotes healthy feet and a good foundation for your body. I can say from experience that I have always hated my feet being touched. I dislike shoes and go bare foot or wear flip flops as much as possible. I met a reflexologist and he changed my mind about foot massage. I promise after a good foot massage you will feel like you are walking on air. Don’t wait, book your massage today to start your magic carpet ride.

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Confessions of a Darling and Superior Arms & Hands

Over the years of working as a massage therapist, many of my clients turn down an arm and hand massage. Reasons vary from they don’t feel any benefits from the massage to they don’t like their arms and hands touched. After this last weekend of helping my daughter and I repainting the master bedroom, I can see why arm and hand massages are important. has some great facts about your hands:

“Each hand contains (plus or minus… everyone is different, and everyone counts these things differently…)
29 major and minor bones (many people have a few more).
29 major joints.
At least 123 named ligaments.
34 muscles which move the fingers and thumb:
17 in the palm of the hand, and
18 in the forearm.
48 named nerves:
3 major nerves.
24 named sensory branches.
21 named muscular branches.
30 named arteries and nearly as many smaller named branches.
The thumb is controlled by 9 individual muscles, which are controlled by all 3 major hand nerves
And moves in such a complex fashion that there are 6 separate descriptive terms just for particular directions of movement of one thumb joint – the basal joint, at the base of the thumb.”

Even reading Wikipedia you can discover some cool fact about arms:

The arm is divided by a fascial layer (known as lateral and medial intermuscular septa) separating the muscles into two osteofascial compartments: the anterior and the posterior compartments of the arm. The fascia merges with the periosteum (outer bone layer) of the humerus. The compartments contain muscles which are innervated by the same nerve and perform the same action.

Two other muscles are considered to be partially in the arm: The large deltoid muscle is considered to have part of its body in the anterior compartment. This muscle is the main abductor muscle of the upper limb and extends over the shoulder. The brachioradialis muscle originates in the arm but inserts into the forearm. This muscle is responsible for rotating the hand so its palm faces forward (supination).”

Our arms and hands contain many muscles, tendons, ligaments, blood vessels, and nerves. These can be damaged in accidents or just from normal wear and tear of our lives. Massage can help keep them healthy and functioning as well oiled machines.

So, what does massage really do for your arm and hand? From experience of having my hand massaged and giving clients massages I know that it improves circulation, relieves pain, and helps with range of motion. All that and it feels amazing to have your hand relaxed. Our arm can also benefit by the same things improves circulation, relieves pain and numbness and helps with range of motion. Remember, our arms are attached to our body with 4 rotator cuff muscles and a clavicle bone, not much holding it on for how much abuse we give our arms daily.

In conclusion, remember to treat your arms and hand to a massage when you get a full body massage. They will thank you by feeling amazing.