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Is Massage Right For You? Yes, You!

To get a massage or not is an all time question on many minds both male and female. Other questions that go with this are as follows: What will people think? Will my partner get mad or be insulted? Do I choose a male or female therapist? Is it safer at a salon, private home or outcall? Will I be put in a compromising situation? Will the law be involved? What type of massage do I need? So many questions fly through a clients head before even beginning to look for a massage therapist. All of these questions are valid and should be addressed before booking a massage. This blog will attempt to lead you to find the right massage therapist for you.

What will people think? In reality, a large portion of the population has had a massage at one time or another. It may not involve their clothes coming off, but you have been massaged either while getting your haircut, manicure, pedicure or facial. Often people will stop in the mall to get a shoulder and back massage in the center of the mall or sit in a massage chair that takes quarters. These are all forms of massage. A full therapeutic massage is very scary for many since they must remove clothes and be touched by a stranger in a dim room. Massage is for relief from pain or stress. That being said no one should judge people for trying to be healthy.

Next, “Will my partner be mad or insulted?” and “Do I choose a male or female therapist?” go hand in hand. I feel that open communication is key in this issue. If your partner is not a trained massage therapist they should not be working on your muscle issues. They can injure you to the point of needing surgery. This is not good and not deliberate on their part just a lack of training. I find that most males prefer a female therapist due to feeling their sexuality called into question. This should not be the case since massage is not about sex at all! Most females prefer female therapist also due to fear of being raped or molested. These are all valid reason and why you should check your therapist out before you book. You should feel 100% comfortable with them not matter if they are male or female.

Getting a massage at a salon, home office or at your place is really based on how you feel when talking with the therapist. Salons can be unnerving for males with all the women, scents and waiting area. While women thrive in this setting. Men often prefer a home office since they usually go straight in for the massage and leave without having to interact with anyone else. All locations can be unsafe for either the client or the therapist. This is why you must always follow your gut feeling on the situation.

In conclusion, don’t miss out on an opportunity to feel amazing, improve your health and state of mind because of rumors you have heard. I welcome the opportunity to have you on my table and show you what an amazing massage can do for you. Book today so you can start changing your life.

Massage Etiquette

Is Your Penis a Muscle, Tissue, Blood or Organ?

The penis is an organ made up of smooth muscle tissue, blood vessels, nerve fibers and skin basically the same as your heart. Since it is made up of smooth muscles you cannot move it at will, just as you cannot make your heart beat or not beat. The penis has a certain function, therefore, it is an organ. What is smooth muscle tissue? The Free Dictionary describes it as “Muscle tissue that contracts without conscious control, having the form of thin layers or sheets made up of spindle-shaped, unstriated cells with single nuclei and found in the walls of the internal organs, such as the stomach, intestine, bladder, and blood vessels, excluding the heart.” I would say this is very lucky for the women out there since men would be working out at the gym doing dumb bell lifts with their penis to increase its size and strength.
This is a common mistake when clients read, that we massage all their muscles. They believe their penis is involved. Thanks for asking, but no it is not, it is made up of organ muscle tissue. It is in fact made up of 3 kinds of tissue and made erect by blood flow that builds up in two chambers. The reason it can stay erect is the swelling blocks off the veins that fill the penis. When the swelling is reduced the blood drains out allowing the penis to return to its normal state. Therefore, blood pressure, diabetic and mental health medications effect the penis. To answer any further scientific questions about how your penis works check out Teach Me Anatomy to answer those questions in detail.
This gives some merit to the fact that men believe the penis has a mind of its own. Not really, just like to be a blood hog for a period of time that last for different lengths of time.
As a massage therapist, I understand when a client gets an erection. The erection is often caused by two different things from the therapist massaging the client’s glutes or pushing blood up the legs to the groin area. We are not trying to make the massage sensual. We just want to make sure your muscles are loose and ready for daily activity.

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To Ice Or Not To Ice Is The Blissful…

There is a time and place to ice your muscles that will make your muscles feel blissfully happy. As I always tell my massage clients Ice, Ice Baby, is your friend after a massage, exercise or after a muscle injury. I know heat feels so awesome and amazing on your aches and pains, however, it is not making your muscles better. You can do more harm at times with heat than good.

So what does ice really do for my muscles? Ice will decrease the flow of blood to your muscles this, in turn, decreases swelling, inflammation, pain, and muscle spasms.

Ice is used by all professional athletes after a workout or injury. Yes, they first soak in a hot water bath of Epson salt and then move to a bath of ice. They have more will power than I do. I suggest soaking in a tub with as hot as water as you can stand without burning any essential body part with Epson salt that has eucalyptus and peppermint oils. These two oil work as a natural pain reliever as they soak into your muscles. You should soak until cool about 20 minutes. Epson salt draws out lactic acid that makes your muscles hurt. The hot bath soak should be followed by 15 mins of ice pack on the affected area. 15 mins off the area and then another 15 mins of ice on the affected area.

In conclusion, ice is always your friend if you use it in a controlled setting and not for extended periods of time. The use of massage, Epson bath soaks and ice will make your right as rain. So book your massage today.

Body Care

Massage When Your Brain Needs A Hug!

Massage has the ability to raise your brains dopamine, a neurohormone that the hypothalamus released into our bodies.   Dopamine affects fine motor activities that we use to either work or in relaxing actives. People that have low levels of dopamine will have difficulty focusing and be clumsy.

Having trouble sleeping?  Massage is the answer by helping your brain to release serotonin that will help keep you from depression, cravings, obsessive-compulsive disorders and improve sleep.

A short massage of just 15 minutes can increase your epinephrine (adrenaline) levels by activating the sympathetic nervous system, helping a person be more alert.  However, a longer, steady and deeper massage reduces epinephrine levels giving you a walking on air feeling aka relaxation and increase your ability to sleep deeper that night.

Trigger Point release massage gives the client many benefits by reducing pain increasing endorphins that give you the “feel good” for up to 48 hours.

There are tons of blogs and medical research out on the web that I encourage you to read but first get a massage so you can focus and be relaxed.