Is CBD Really A Help?

CBD is all the rage among people that hate doctors to those that are pro doctor, from young to old people are trying CBD to relieve pain to anxiety.  In this blog, I will discuss how it has helped our family with a variety of issues and what is out there on the web about CBD.  We will also touch on why some places get raided and shut down while others stay in business.   What side effects to look for while consuming CBD.  How you can take CBD into your body.  Come along on a none high inducing journey that may help you relieve pain to anxiety.

According to an article on the CBD+ origin website, CBD makes appearances in history starting in 2737 BC when the Chinese Emperor of that time used in his tea to help with issues with memory, malaria, rheumatism, and gout.   It shows up again in 1901 when the Queen of England used it to alleviate menstrual cramps.   In 1839 an Irish physician published a study on how CBD had medical applications.  It was not until 1940 a British Chemist formed CBN that lead two years later to an American chemist making CBD.  Over the years many researchers studied and refined the use of CBD and how it was produced.  1996, California was the first state to legalize medical marijuana and other states over the years have followed with legal medical marijuana or complete legalization of marijuana. This move caused researches to investigate CBD as a form to help medically without the high.  In 2018 Farm Bill federally legalized Hemp-derived CBD. For additional information on the history of CBD check out the

Today you can buy CBD oil in many forms that include oils, tinctures, creams, capsules, pills, edibles and vaping. The method you choose should be based on your preference and how your body reacts.  My daughter tried the tinctures first but found the effect minimal and the taste off-putting.  She moved on to the oil in her coffee but found that she was not getting the full dosage due to it clinging to the side of the mug.  She did get relief from anxiety and panic attacks. Upon running out of oil she visited a local health food store that sold CBD oil and was directed to the capsule form of CBD that contained the oil.  She loved the ease of taking the pill and has had continued relief from anxiety and panic attacks.  My dad and I started taking CBD for joint and muscle pain.  My dad has had great results with relief from chronic pain related to a fused back, fixed rotator cuff, hip replacement, and amputee’s arm. I have had some relief from arthritis in hips and knees but is not consistent at this time.  

It is important to choose a rebuttal dealer to purchase your CBD so that it is pure and does not contain THC.  CBD does have a trace of THC no more than 0.3 percent but will not show up in blood tests.  The store you see closed, fined and possible jail time the THC level is above 0.3 percent. CBD should not induce any type of high.

CBD oil does have a standard dosage that is generally recommended which is 25mg of CBD, taken twice a day.  It is also recommended that you slowly work your way up to this dosage and to stop increasing when you feel relief from your symptoms.   The increase should not be more often than every 3-4 weeks.   If you feel like you are not getting results, then try mixing up the delivery of CBD and get it in different forms.   For more information on dosage and CBD oil check out this website

There are many things that CBD has claim to helping a few of them are boost your immune system, rich in protein, source of fiber, filled with fatty acids, wide range of vitamins, rich in minerals, no high,  effects on diabetes, reduce risk of cardiovascular diseases,  protect brain cells, anti-inflammatory, pain-reducing, reduce stress, helps with sleep,  anti-depressant properties, anxiety reducer, reduce seizures, reduce nicotine addition,  no harmful side effects,  and help limit cancer cells growth.  You can find a detailed description of these benefits on  Only use these to help with the listed issues with your doctors’ knowledge and not as the sole treatment. 

CBD may be the rage but has been around for a long time helping people deal with life and illness.  So if you were afraid to try I recommend stepping ours to your local health food store.  Talk with them about which product they recommend for your issues.   Enjoy a pleasant day free of anxiety and pain.

Don’t Let Loss Shape Your Outlook

In the last few months, I have been dealing with my mother’s health decline to her death at the end of August 2019. Our family has been preparing our selves for the loos of mom for the last two years. You are never truly ready to face the loss of a person that is larger than life and been a huge part of your whole life. In this blog, I will touch on what the steps of loss and grief are and how I have been handling them plus how massage can help you travel those steps a little easier.

We are all familiar with the steps of loss/grief but we all tend to ignore them when it comes to our own situation. The five steps are denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. We can travel back and forth between theses steps many times before we reach acceptance. For those of us that like to try to say we are just fine are probably not fine. I myself have been traveling these steps since I made the decision to return to Texas to help with the care of my mother. As the holiday season approaches, I find it very depressing to think about preparing or celebrating the holidays. My mother adored the holidays from decoration, food to gifts she went overboard. I am aware that the holiday season is my time to come to a complete acceptance that my mom is gone but her very special memories remain in my heart and mind forever.

As a massage therapist, I get the wonderful job of helping clients along on their journey to loss/grief through a relaxing massage or a listening ear. The steps of grief can cause havoc on the body from loss of sleep and appetite, high levels of stress and a body soreness that is unexplained. Choosing to get a weekly to monthly massage or body treatment after the loss/grief in your life can help you navigate the step by helping increase sleep and appetite, reduce the feeling of stress and soreness.

We all face things differently but your massage therapist can help relieve some of the symptoms to make it easier to travel the road to acceptance no matter if it takes you hours, months or years to reach it. I have lived by this since facing many loss/grief times in my life. Life is short, we can’t change the past, we have no idea for sure what the future will be, so live each day, hour and second like it could be your last with no regrets.

Suck The Pain Out

Come along with me on a journey that will show that hickies in high school were not a bad thing your mother always said they were.   Massage Cupping has become all the rage since it was on national TV with those nice perfectly round red circles on the athletes. In this blog, I want to introduce you to why you should have massage cupping as a part of your massage routine.  We will also touch on how it will change your life as far as pain during and after the massage.   Let’s get our suck on!

Cupping has been around since ancient time, it either started with Egyptian or Chinese.  As years passed it has evolved into what we know today as Massage Cupping or MediCupping that uses hand pump tool, bulb suction or a machine.  Not many therapists still use fire cupping since if not trained correctly you can burn a client and it is not as easy as modern-day equipment.  The tools come in glass, plastic, and silicone.

There are many techniques that can be used during a massage cupping session on a client.  They can be used on the face to tighten the skin and reduce fluid; this method doesn’t leave marks on your face if done correctly.  You can op to have lymphatic drainage that is done with light suction and leave very faint to no marks on your skin.  You can have a massage done with the silicone cups that are moved in different motions to lift the skin, tissues, and muscle to release the muscle, this method also leaves very few marks on the skin.  When a therapist parks the cupping tool in one location for up to 15 mins it will leave a reddish circle.  This can last up to two weeks before fading.  It is not considered a bruise since they are not caused by a blunt force trauma to the skin and tissue.  Parking a cup over your pain area can help release the muscle reduce pain from the straight massage. 

The benefits of massage cupping can last 1-4 days or even longer.  Warning massage cupping is very addictive and can only be done with at least 4 days between each treatment.  Book your massage cupping session today to bet your own perfect round circles that bring pain relief.