Surprise! Tips Do Not Guarantee Excellence

The age old question that comes to mind why should a person tip? How much is enough tip, so I don’t look like a tight wad? How much is over tipping? These are all good questions that I will attempt to answer in this blog.
I will only be speaking from a massage therapist position but the ideas can be applied to any service field.

Why tip a person in the service fields? This is a very good question. We do get paid, but usually on a commission basis or lower than normal salary level. Those of us that work for ourselves have to depend on clients coming to us. This means we can often have very slow weeks or months with little or no pay. Tips help keep us in business. Also, tips were developed to let the person doing your service know they have either done a terrible job or an excellent job. This being said in my line of work as a massage therapist that is self-employed, I attempt to keep my prices in the middle. This means some people can just barely afford to come get the service they need while others it is no problem at all. I went into my business not expecting tips from any of my clients. However, each client that tips me it is appreciated greatly. For those that can’t afford it and tell me, they wish they could tip but just can’t it is an emotional tip.

Those of us that work for ourselves have a lot of overhead each year that includes: advertising, lotion, candles, bottled water, sheets, towels, educational classes, license fees, equipment, taxes, etc. Tips are the icing on our jobs that make it so we can do extra things other than just getting by.

I feel strongly that clients should tip according to how they felt about their experience, did they learn something about their muscles and if the massage truly makes them feel better. If the answer to any of those things is yes then the massage therapist has earned a tip. I truly dislike it when a client ask me what a standard amount of tip is. There is no standard amount and no percentage in the massage world unlike a wait staff that I feel should get a 20% + tip depending on the level of friendliness and service.

In conclusion, a tip is for a service well done and beyond the call of the job guidelines. Did you get more than expected, did you learn something, was the therapist happy and was the area clean and inviting? If so surprise your massage therapist with a nice tip after you have received an awesome massage you will not regret it and I promise they will remember you. Tips do not guarantee a great massage but they can guarantee a reap great massage.

Is Your Penis a Muscle, Tissue, Blood or Organ?

The penis is an organ made up of smooth muscle tissue, blood vessels, nerve fibers and skin basically the same as your heart. Since it is made up of smooth muscles you cannot move it at will, just as you cannot make your heart beat or not beat. The penis has a certain function, therefore, it is an organ. What is smooth muscle tissue? The Free Dictionary describes it as “Muscle tissue that contracts without conscious control, having the form of thin layers or sheets made up of spindle-shaped, unstriated cells with single nuclei and found in the walls of the internal organs, such as the stomach, intestine, bladder, and blood vessels, excluding the heart.” I would say this is very lucky for the women out there since men would be working out at the gym doing dumb bell lifts with their penis to increase its size and strength.
This is a common mistake when clients read, that we massage all their muscles. They believe their penis is involved. Thanks for asking, but no it is not, it is made up of organ muscle tissue. It is in fact made up of 3 kinds of tissue and made erect by blood flow that builds up in two chambers. The reason it can stay erect is the swelling blocks off the veins that fill the penis. When the swelling is reduced the blood drains out allowing the penis to return to its normal state. Therefore, blood pressure, diabetic and mental health medications effect the penis. To answer any further scientific questions about how your penis works check out Teach Me Anatomy to answer those questions in detail.
This gives some merit to the fact that men believe the penis has a mind of its own. Not really, just like to be a blood hog for a period of time that last for different lengths of time.
As a massage therapist, I understand when a client gets an erection. The erection is often caused by two different things from the therapist massaging the client’s glutes or pushing blood up the legs to the groin area. We are not trying to make the massage sensual. We just want to make sure your muscles are loose and ready for daily activity.