What happens in a massage?

My massages start with client and therapist discussing muscle issues, what type of pressure the client prefers, what kind of work the clients does, extra circular actives and if clients would like scalp, hands and/or feet massaged. Clients can choose to be draped with sheet or towel or they may choose not to have any draping at all. The first half of the massage time is spent on the back of the client. This would start with back, neck, arms, hands, shoulders, and scalp and move down to gluts, legs, and feet. Clients then turn over for the last half of their massage, which covers neck, scalp, stomach, chest, shoulders, arms and hands, then moving onto legs and feet.  The client can choose to have stretches if they have had medium to deep pressure.  The last 10 minutes of the massage I ask the client to get up and move around to see how their muscles feel.  At this point, the client can tell which muscles feel like they need more work.

What is draping?

Draping is a towel, sheet, or blanket that you may cover with during a massage.  I do not require you to use any draping if you are comfortable naked.

Do you do outcalls?

No, I do not do outcalls.  I prefer to work from the comfort of my home office.

Do you work evenings, weekends or holidays?

I do not work any of these times since I feel family time is important. My hours are 9:00 am - 5:00 pm Monday - Friday. You can learn more about my rates and hours here.

What do you wear in a massage?

I wear jeans or shorts with tank top or t-shirt.  No, I do not take clothing request.  No, I do not massage topless or in the nude.

Do you offer anything beyond massage?

As of right now, Balm & Fizz only provides massages. I am hoping to launch my own line of care products soon, so keep an eye out for those. I do not offer sensual therapeutic massages and there are no extras.