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Yes, Your Abdominal Muscles Need Massage Too!

Ever wonder why your dog rolls over to have a tummy rub?  By the end of this blog, you will be wanting your own belly, tummy, stomach or abdominal muscle massaged.

This area of our body muscles is often not massaged due to many therapists feel it is too sensual of an area to massage. Note this area is right above the hair of the pubic area to just below the rib cage. This is a huge disservice to our clients by skipping such an important group of muscles.

The abdominal muscles consist of 4 main muscles called transversus abdominis, rectus abdominis, external oblique muscles and internal oblique muscles. Transversus abdominis is located deep in the abdominal cavity to keep internal pressure and support the body trunk, this enables you to sit upright.  Rectus abdominis is located from the ribs to the pubic bone on the front of the pelvis.  External oblique muscles are found on the outside of each end of the rectus abdominis muscle this muscles contracts when your turn your body.  Internal oblique muscles are found inside each hip bone and allow you to twist your body trunk.

Who should not consider getting an abdominal massage?

  • Pregnant Women
  • Person with gallstones.
  • Person with kidney stones
  • Person with calcium deposits in the bladder
  • Person with inflammation of internal reproductive organs
  • Person with hernias
  • Person with ulcers
  • Person with internal bleeding

Abdominal massage does have many benefits that vary from person to person.  Before getting an abdominal massage you should not eat and empty your bladder.  This type of massage has been around since ancient times and many of us have used various types of this massage on our children or selves when we are not feeling well or to soothe.

Benefits of abdominal massage

  1. Helps to reduce gas and digestive issues such as constipation and bloating to improve gastrointestinal health.  This is done by the circular massage motion with light pressure to increases the blood flow to the intestinal tract to improve digestion.
  2. Weight loss can be helped along with this massage by helping with the right metabolic digestive function.  This is not always the case in every person.  People also often feel thinner due to the massage putting the visceral organs back up under the rib cage and allowing the intestinal tract to spread out.
  3. Decrease menstrual symptoms such as pain and heavy bleeding when your abdominal area is massaged lightly with essential oils such as clove, cinnamon, lavender or rose (make sure these are used with a carrier oil so as not to burn your skin, make sure to discuss with your therapist if you are allergic to any of these oils).
  4. Can have an effect on your mental state of mind by relieving stress about bodily functions.
  5. Can improve abdominal muscle tone with daily massage.

I give an abdominal massage with every massage I give as long as the client has no issues to interfere with the massage.  All my clients love the massage and wonder why a lot of therapists don’t offer this service to their clients. Next time you book a massage make sure to ask if your therapist gives an abdominal massage.