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Danger! Massage is Addictive! Confessions of Blissful Muscles!

I have two kinds of clients. First timers and repeat clients. I love both groups since the former I can show how great massage can be and the latter I can keep their muscles feeling amazing.

I feel that regular massage is important for the muscles, mind, and spirit. The question that comes to mind is how often and what length of massage should I choose?

Of course, we would all like to have weekly massages but most can not afford this luxury. Massage every day is a bit of an over kill if you are not a professional athlete. Weekly is great if your pocketbook also agrees. With this in mind, I recommend to my clients to have a massage every 4-6 weeks depending on their pocketbook and time.

The length of the massage should be based on what you need from your massage. If you just need to relax and have very few muscle issues, I recommend one hour. Those that have been working in the yard, long hours on the job, driving or flying long distances or just play hard at sports I recommend an hour and a half to two hours to give me time to work out the knots without putting them in too much pain.

To all my clients that have never had a massage, better known as a virgin massage client, I recommend an hour massage for your first time. First-time clients to a new massage therapist should also consider an hour massage to see if they click with the massage therapist. Everyone has different personalities and styles of massage. Not every massage therapist is for every client.

So yes, there is danger in booking massage since it is addictive and will make your body, mind, and spirit feel amazing.

A little teaser for those of you that read my blog. I will be producing a line of bath bombs, candles, scrubs and much more that can be used to make your muscles feel amazing between massages. We are currently in the design and testing phase. They will be for sale on my website and in my salon. Stay tuned for more updates.