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Summer Sun Kisses + Body Scrub = Happy Skin

Summer is upon us and we all love to be outdoors enjoying summer water and sun sports.  Our skin is our bodies first defense against bacteria and protection of our internal body parts.  We often ignore our skin and treat with a little lotion if it cracks or is itchy.  However, there are very few of us that take the time to do regular skin maintenance and even fewer of us that take the time to have a full body treatment done on our skin.  In this blog we will talk a little about when we should avoid a body scrub and when we should get one, benefits of a body scrub and types of body scrubs Balm & Fizz offers and what they can do for you & your skin.

When should I not book a skin treatment? If you have a sunburn that is red, blistered or peeling, you will need to wait until your skin heals.  Do you have any scrapes, cuts or incisions?  You will need to wait until these areas are totally healed to get a body scrub.  Other reasons to wait to get a scrub are an acute infection, unmedicated hypertension, unmedicated cardiac disorder, intoxication, communicable diseases, lymphedema, pregnancy, diabetes with loss of feeling, cancer without doctor permission, and elderly or young with thin skin.  A body scrub is good for both sexes and all other people not covered above to have the skin exfoliated by removing dead skin cells, increase blood circulation and moisturize the skin.

I do recommend that you purchase either a salt or sugar scrub to use in your shower between your spa body scrub at least 2-4 times a week.  This will enable you to love your soft skin due to smoother skin, fewer skin breakouts, decreased dark or aging spots, decreases the appearance of large pores, allows your lotion/moisturizer to be absorbed into the skin, opens pores to reduce ingrown hairs, decreases razor bumps and reduces stress.  To list just a few of the benefits of regular use of body scrubs. Why would you not want to enjoy these benefits?  A spa treatment has the added benefit of making you feel calm & relaxed, feeling of well-being, stimulating blood flow, satisfies the need for human touch, and the mind-body connection.

So many Body Scrubs out there how do I choose which one is best for me?  I think you should discuss with your therapist when booking the treatment what type of skin you have and any type of issues you feel you have on with your skin.   This will enable the therapist to guide you to the best body scrub for you. We offer 3 types of scrubs at Balm & Fizz.  They include coffee, chocolate, and coconut lime scrubs.   The coffee scrub has several benefits but the main ones are exfoliating, anti-inflammatory, limited time of reduced cellulite and smooth the skin.    The chocolate scrub has many great benefits even when not eaten that include exfoliating, good for people with sensitive skin and helps with cell renewal, firming skin, antioxidant and moisturizing the skin.  Our last scrub Coconut Lime scrub will take you to the beach without the sun kissing your skin.  The benefits include exfoliating, reduces skin infections, moisturizing, reduces acne and is natural.

So no matter if you are a Diva or Mr. Macho a body scrub is for you. Come in and make your skin ready for sun kisses.




Body Care

How Does Sand, Salt & Seaweed Make A Mermaid…

Want to feel like a Mermaid? Just start adding a trip to the beach 2x’s a week to improve your body health. Come along as we explore the great things sand, sea salt, and seaweed can do for your skin to overall body health. I prefer to stay on the beach and soak up the beach benefits and watch for a shark fins.

There is sand everywhere when you arrive at the beach and even upon arriving home from the beach.  The annoying pesty stuff turns up days and weeks after in every nook and cranny.  So how can this annoying stuff really benefit me?  Sand has the super power of being a natural exfoliant that the finer the sand the better it is for your skin.  Sand can also reduce scar tissue. It is not recommended to be used on your face but excellent for the rest of your body by allowing your pores to breathe better. While you’re at the beach take this opportunity to take a walk on the sandy beach this will help you burn 50% more calories.  Sounds like a win-win situation with the relaxing waves and the sun to accompany you on your walk.

During your walk, you are introduced to salt water as it the waves comes in and out over your feet.  Salt waters have the super power of curing, clearing and cleansing what it comes in contact with.   Swimming or bathing in salt water help with heal acne, dandruff,  and sores.  While you’re in this nice liquid salt you can also reduce inflammation and reduce pain and stiffness of muscles and joints. If you decide to swim in the ocean please remember to stay safe by being aware of rip currents, tide changes, and sharks.

Seaweed is often littered along the beach looking slimy and smelling like dead seafood.  However, Seaweed does have a super power of purifying the ocean and our bodies. When seaweed is used in a bath or wrapped on the skin it can help with many things such as skin tone, eczema, psoriasis. It used internally by eating or tea it can be a great antioxidant, lower LDL cholesterol, increase memory, increase mental sharpness and help with sleep.  Check out Marlene Watson-Tara’s blog for more information on seaweed.

So after being a Mermaid for a day make sure to shower to remove excess salt, sand, and seaweed,  Apply lotion to moisturize your skin that does dry out from the benefits these three things do for your skin and muscles. From one Mermaid to another the ocean is my super power!