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Don’t Let Loss Shape Your Outlook

In the last few months, I have been dealing with my mother’s health decline to her death at the end of August 2019. Our family has been preparing our selves for the loos of mom for the last two years. You are never truly ready to face the loss of a person that is larger than life and been a huge part of your whole life. In this blog, I will touch on what the steps of loss and grief are and how I have been handling them plus how massage can help you travel those steps a little easier.

We are all familiar with the steps of loss/grief but we all tend to ignore them when it comes to our own situation. The five steps are denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. We can travel back and forth between theses steps many times before we reach acceptance. For those of us that like to try to say we are just fine are probably not fine. I myself have been traveling these steps since I made the decision to return to Texas to help with the care of my mother. As the holiday season approaches, I find it very depressing to think about preparing or celebrating the holidays. My mother adored the holidays from decoration, food to gifts she went overboard. I am aware that the holiday season is my time to come to a complete acceptance that my mom is gone but her very special memories remain in my heart and mind forever.

As a massage therapist, I get the wonderful job of helping clients along on their journey to loss/grief through a relaxing massage or a listening ear. The steps of grief can cause havoc on the body from loss of sleep and appetite, high levels of stress and a body soreness that is unexplained. Choosing to get a weekly to monthly massage or body treatment after the loss/grief in your life can help you navigate the step by helping increase sleep and appetite, reduce the feeling of stress and soreness.

We all face things differently but your massage therapist can help relieve some of the symptoms to make it easier to travel the road to acceptance no matter if it takes you hours, months or years to reach it. I have lived by this since facing many loss/grief times in my life. Life is short, we can’t change the past, we have no idea for sure what the future will be, so live each day, hour and second like it could be your last with no regrets.

Body Care

Make Time For Boob Massage! Tried & Proven!

While becoming a massage therapist I was introduced to breast massage. Being an active hater of bras and other confining breast wear I was all in for breast massage. Having spent a great portion of my life with very small breast, I was not happy to have my second daughter change my breast size by several sizes due to breast feeding and weight gain. So, I had done research that stated that not wear bras would build my pectoral muscles and keep them from sagging. My massage therapist did pectoral muscles releases that hurt like hell but made my 38D breast nice and perky. So, ladies, I say suck it up and get your boobs perky. I am happy to say I may have 52-year-old boobs but they do not look it. I rarely wear a bra and love that the sag is no worst than a 20-year-old’s that has my breast size.

Fear is often the reason we do not have the breast massage done. There is nothing sexual about a breast massage. It does hurt and you can get bruises from it if you bruise easy. However, the end results totally make it worth your time to have it done.

Honey Colony breaks down the top 6 benefits of breast massage:

“1. Breast Massage Reduces The Risk Of Breast Cancer: Scientific research shows that massaging your breasts helps fight cancer. In fact, “nipple stimulation encourages blood flow and promotes the production of a useful female hormone, which encourages cells to expel cancer-causing chemicals from breast ducts,”says Professor Tim Murrell, of the Department of Community Medicine, at the University of Adelaide. Regular breast massage can also alert you of changes in your breast tissue so you can take quick measures to heal.
2. Increases Breast Size: When the breast tissue is stimulated by educated massage, the body secretes the hormone prolactin which slightly enlarges the breasts. Many women love this perk.
3. Prevents Sagging: Breast Massage lifts the breasts by tightening and toning the tendons and muscles responsible for breast length. Goodbye gravity, hello breast massage!
4. Helps You Look Younger: Breast Massage stimulates the endocrine system to secrete a powerful cocktail of youthful hormones. Prolactin, oxytocin, and estrogen are three powerhouse anti-aging hormones known to be produced during breast massage. Many women take pharmaceutical hormones to stay young. With skilled breast massage, your own body will be your anti-aging pharmacy!
5. Increases Pleasure: Increased sensitivity is a pleasing result of Taoist Breast Massage. As you become more aware of your own sensations and loving touch, you create new pathways in your brain for sensitivity. Some women even develop the ability to orgasm from this increased connection.
6. Lifts Stress and Depression: The “love hormone”, oxytocin is produced through breast and nipple massage and is scientifically proven to decrease stress and depression. Why wait for love? This is reason enough to massage our breasts!”

Find the right massage therapist that you feel comfortable with and knows what they are doing. Make sure they have the training to do this for you. Then ladies, say hello to perky breast and goodbye to hot and uncomfortable bras.

Body Care

Mess With My Hair! I Will Not Be Happy!

When going to get a massage it is not the time to have your hair done all nice with gel and hairspray, and it is also not a time to wear makeup. The face cradle and laying on your back on the table will mess up your hair and makeup, not to mention getting a head massage can really do a number on your follicles. I hear from a lot of clients “I would really rather skip the head massage since it will mess my hair up and really adds no benefit to the massage.” Which is completely wrong! On top of feeling amazing, it does make a difference in your massage results.

Hair Buddha gives us a great list of the benefits of getting a head massage:

“1. It stimulates the scalp circulation, bringing with it oxygen and hair nourishing nutrients, thus promote stronger and healthier hair growth.

2. It removes any toxins that may have accumulate in the scalp by increasing the lymphatic flow.

3. It activates the dormant hair follicles to promote new growth.

4. When done using oil such as jojoba, almond, sesame, olive, coconut, and castor, it moisturises and conditions the scalp. This help you avoid dry flaky scalp and dandruff.

5. It strengthens the hair shaft and helps distribute the natural scalp oils down to rest of the hair – this adds luster and shiny to your hair and protect it from breakage and split ends.

6. It also relaxes the scalp and neck muscles. Tight scalp muscles restricts blood flow and suffocates your hair follicles.

7. It also eases stress and tension and helps you sleep better.“

These are all good reasons for promoting healthy hair and scalp. Times of India also mentions some of the perks of head massages:

“Getting a head massage is one of the best ways to release every day stress and anxiety. It also helps relieve headaches. Here are some of the advantages –
– It relaxes and calms your mind
– It helps reduce stress
– Helps improve concentration
– Activates blood circulation in different parts of your body
– It aids in quick and sound sleep
– It strengthens your hair roots”

I also find it is easier to relax your neck muscles with a head massage. Why would you take those benefits away from a massage you paid to get? You can ask your therapist not to use any lotion or oils on your head and face. I don’t use any and find that I am able to still give a good head and face massage. It feels great and gives you many bonuses. Try it you might like it!

Body Care

What Is The Right Type Of Massage For Me?

It can be scary to go get a massage from a new massage therapist. Sorry to say one therapist deep tissue will make you hurt for a week with bruises all over while another will make you feel amazing. There are many names for types of pressure from feather touch or light touch to heavy pressure or deep tissue. I will try to explain what each type is and what benefits you will receive with this type of pressure.

Light touch or feather touch is the very lightest form of massage. I find this to be a very hard form of massage to perform since as massage therapist we are trained to do medium to deep tissue massage. This type of massage will wear out your massage therapist and should be 60-90 minutes in length. Also, when receiving this type of massage the massage therapist will not be doing deep stretches on your muscles. However, Centerpoint makes great some great points on why light touch massage could be for you. “In addition to enhancing the body’s own natural healing mechanisms, by promoting relaxation, light touch massage can increase one’s overall emotional health. And since it is a gentle technique, it can be especially beneficial for a client who is highly sensitive to touch or for one whom the more intense pressure of a Swedish massage might be too much to tolerate. A client with fibromyalgia may be a good candidate for light touch massage. As with any bodywork therapy, light touch massage produces those feel-good endorphins, and pregnant women who are close to term (as well as those who are in the early stages of labor) find that light touch massage is relaxing yet invigorating at the same time.”

Medium Pressure massage is the most commonly asked for massage. It addresses muscle issues without making you feel like cursing or running out the door. This type of massage will benefit the client in lengths of 60, 90 and 120 minutes. The client may also receive light to medium stretches of their muscles.

Heavy Pressure or Deep Tissue massage is usually preferred by athletes or very active people. This massage will work out knotted muscles and help your muscles to move more freely. It will include stretching of arms, neck, legs, and shoulders. This massage will benefit the client in lengths of 60, 90 and 120 minutes. This massage is for those with major muscle issues or someone who knows their body. Benefits are treating chronic back pain, helps lower high blood pressure, reduces stress, anxiety and muscle tension, breaks up scar tissue, improves athletic recovery and performance and reduces arthritis symptoms. There are many more benefits that have not been proven medically but clients claim.

I encourage my clients to think about what works best for them and start there. Don’t be afraid to ask your therapist to lighten up or to go deeper it is your massage and your body. This is to benefit you, not to make you hurt. You may be sore in a good way a couple of days after a massage but you should never be hurting. I hope you enjoy and get the best muscle results from your next massage.